Plant Extracts Become The Backbone Of Pharmaceutical Innovation-boee

Medicine As new high-tech products of modern pharmaceutical technology, the plant extract is becoming core raw materials and products of the pharmaceutical industry. It also has a broad market space in nutritional supplements, cosmetics and other fields. And it effectively stimulates the development of foreign trade on pharmaceutical industry. Plant extracts industry has formed a certain scale in China. Production equipment and technology capabilities of mainstream pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers are comparable to the main extract producing countries such as Germany, Italy, and Spain. With the rising power of the mainstream market worldwide natural health products, plant extracts industry in China will become the economic and social development of the new strategic pillar industries. The industrialization of plant extracts is an important part of advancing modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and medical technology innovation. With the development of less investment and high technology content, value-added products now have broad market prospects and other advantages and features. However, its investment and innovation capability on R & D is weak. The key issue has been troubled by the development of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Although the Chinese pharmaceutical products for many years has maintained a high growth, but also facing the pressure of product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading. In China’s exports of drugs, pharmaceutical raw materials accounted for the vast majority of chemical drugs, many of which are highly polluting low-level products. And a limited number of chemical drug products can only be exported to developed countries at an affordable price. China encourages medical technology innovation, development and the development of the characteristics of bulk drugs and innovative drug vigorously supporting a number of competitive enterprises, and improving innovative capacity, and gradually moving towards the road of independent innovation and development. Plant extracts industry will be the main areas of innovation and a major highlight. In order to strengthen the industry and technological innovation and promote the development of plant extracts industry, CPhI exhibition will be held in Shanghai, China in June. Exhibitions theme is the independent innovation of Chinese enterprises and intellectual property protection. The opening area will showcase the development outcomes of plant extracts industry. Enterprises from other countries can buy herbal extract and get relating information in the exhibition. For future development of plant extract industry in China, it should extend the industrial chain and go towards the end-products such as herbal medicine, health food, botanical pesticides and plant veterinary drugs. Meanwhile, China should improve the technological content of products and expand profit margins. It should pay special attention to the development of some new resource-based plant extract products such as wolfberry, sea buckthorn, rhodiola, ganoderma lucidum, angelica and pueraria. These products are expected to become popular commodities in future plant extracts market.Source: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: