QQ reselling personal information of tens of thousands of Fujian Yongding a man jailed for ni-borderland

QQ reselling personal information of tens of thousands of   Fujian Yongding a man jailed for nine months — Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: QQ reselling personal information of tens of thousands of Fujian Yongding, a man jailed for nine months by reselling QQ tens of thousands of customer information, from the illegal profits of more than 28 yuan, with this as a windfall, but but the stalls in jail. The people’s Court of Yongding District, Fujian, Longyan, 8, revealed that the court sentenced the man to be sentenced to 9 months imprisonment and fined 20 thousand yuan for the crime of infringing on the personal information of citizens. From June 2015 to April 2016, Xiemou by QQ at an average price of 10 yuan each to buy another mall in taobao.com, Jingdong with the customer’s name, phone, name and order number, delivery address and other information, and then provide the equivalent Taobao engaged in fraud criminal gangs, gang crime by means of fraud from the online shopping customers the account to pay money to buy game coupons, and then to the Xiemou game coupons the actual value of 14% off to be acquired, and then to 10 percent off sold the game coupons "washes" exchange into RMB home, profits of price from 4%. According to statistics, from somewhere inside the computer seized Xie sent personal information 14167, verified the citizen information 2044. In April 27, 2016, Xie was arrested by Longyan Public Security Bureau Yongding Branch Public Information Network Security Supervision Brigade police, and seized its wireless network card, notebook computers, mobile phones and other tools of crime. The court held that the defendant Xie violated the relevant provisions of the state, illegally obtained and provided other people’s personal information, the circumstances were serious, their behavior has constituted the crime of infringing personal information of citizens. After being brought to justice, he can truthfully confess his criminal facts and admit his guilt well, and he can be punished leniently. Accordingly, the court has made the judgment of the first instance. (Zhang Lihua) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?) QQ倒卖个人信息上万条 福建永定一男子获刑九个月–福建频道–人民网 原标题:QQ倒卖个人信息上万条 福建永定一男子获刑九个月    通过QQ倒卖客户信息上万条,从中非法获利28万余元,本以为发了笔横财,却不料摊上牢狱之灾。福建省龙岩市永定区人民法院8日披露,该院以侵犯公民个人信息罪判处该名男子谢某有期徒刑9个月,并处罚金人民币2万元。    2015年6月至2016年4月,谢某通过QQ以平均每条10元的价格向他人购买淘宝网、京东商城等中含客户姓名、电话、商品名、订单号、收货地址等信息,然后等价提供给从事淘宝诈骗的犯罪团伙,犯罪团伙通过诈骗手段从上述网购客户账户中支付钱款购买游戏点券,而后谢某以游戏点券实际价值8.6折予以收购,再以9折的价格卖给将游戏点券进行“清洗”兑换成人民币的上家,从中赚取4%的差价利润。经统计,从谢某处查扣的电脑内已发送公民个人信息14167条,经核实的公民信息有2044条。    2016年4月27日,谢某被龙岩市公安局永定分局公共信息网络安全监察大队民警当场抓获,并扣押其无线上网卡、笔记本电脑、手机等作案工具。    法院经审理认为,被告人谢某违反国家有关规定,非法获取且向他人提供公民个人信息,情节严重,其行为已经构成侵犯公民个人信息罪。其归案后能如实供述自己的犯罪事实,认罪态度较好,依法可以从轻处罚。据此,法院作出上述一审判决。(张丽华) (责编:张?、吴舟)相关的主题文章: