Ruby Rings – A Girls New Best

Jewelry-Diamonds Diamonds are considered a girls best friend but it seems that that the best friend has lost its position to the new friend in town, the rubies. The most popular jewelry items incorporating rubies are the ruby rings. The red color of these gemstones makes them appear really exotic. This red color makes the ruby rings stand out in a crowd of popular jewelry items. The most important thing to be checked in the ruby rings is the color of the rubies used as the centerpieces. The ruby centerpieces are usually available in various shades of red. These shades may range from pinkish to brownish-red. The color of the rubies is caused by the content of chromium and iron impurities. The color is very important in helping to determine the price of the ruby rings. The deeper shade of red the rubies have, the more expansive it makes the ruby rings. The brightest and the most valuable rubies are known as the pigeon-blood red" ruby. The ruby rings can use either faceted or cut rubies. The various popular ruby cuts include the popular step cut, the brilliant cut as well as the mixed cut. A ruby can be easily cut and polished just like a cabochon. The ruby rings are equally popular among both men and women. The most popular ruby rings usually have the ruby centerpieces set inside a band made of pure gold or platinum. The ruby engagement rings are probably the most popular form of ruby rings preferred bye everyone. People gift their fianc or fiance’ with the ruby engagement rings, because they are much more unique then the really .mon diamond rings. The best ruby engagement rings are the one that have a perfect band which matches the exotic nature of a ruby. The band has to gel with the rubys red color. The white and yellow gold bands as well as the platinum metal bands go really well with the ruby rings. The ruby rings can also have some small rubies that surround the centerpiece. When you buy the ruby rings, you need to check certain things. The first thing to be checked is that whether the rubies used in the rings have been color treated or not. This is a .mon procedure done to hide any imperfections on the surface of the rubies. The treated rubies do not have the natural needle-like inclusions. Hence, you should always ask for a certificate of authenticity, before you pay for the ruby rings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: