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Customer Service In the present scenario of business office space trend in London, the popularity of serviced offices is increasing from the past 5 years. So various kind of businesses located in the facilities of serviced office, the business centre frequently makes provision in order to provide better services to any types of eventuality. The main benefit is that you can take those facilities that really suit your needs. In London, most of the serviced offices are available on short term and long term licensed agreements. The agreements are documented for even one month up to a year. Normally it is observed that the monthly license fee is inclusive of reception facilities services, interior infrastructure service charge, other rates applicable plus space rental charges. In London, most of the serviced offices are located in the busy business center and .mercial places. Serviced offices may occupy an entire building or the ground floor or first floor or second floors in a multi storey office building. Serviced Office Space benefits The main advantage of serviced offices in London is the low set up costs. The owner and the businessman can do a simple tenancy agreement which is quite easy to understand. There is no need for making involved legal person"s service. A rental agreement can be made covering rent, other rates and service charges. You are handed over a professionally managed and fully furnished private office to operate from the given space. The building has readily installed .petitive internet and tele. deals that can be used for business purpose. There is a well maintained reception with trained staff in order to wel.e your guest. The reception staffs will look into their needs and do the needful for directing towards your office. In any matter, no long term .mitment is made between the businessman and property owner. You have the flexibility to use more or less of your business space according to your convenience. Furnished or non-furnished serviced office space You have the option to take non-furnished or furnished serviced offices. The choice is entirely yours while moving into the space after mutual rent agreement. If you are a newly established business unit then you can cut down the cost of furnishing by taking a fully furnished serviced office space. Moreover if you are an established concern having your own furniture than you can opt for non-furnished serviced office space in London. If you want to give a new look to your interior of your office space then you can go in for selling off your old furniture and take the serviced office space which is fully furnished too. Where to look for serviced office space in London? Most of the .mercial business owners and real estate owners advertise about the availability of serviced offices in London in the electronic media and print media. You can personally contact the nearest real estate agent about the availability of serviced office space too. There many exclusive websites which deals with serviced offices in London. You can log on to these websites for more information and get their contact deals for better deal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: