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Beauty Home grown brand, Shiffa Dubai skin care, recognized for its natural, organic and holistic products and treatments with effectiveness. Found in some of the world’s most exclusive spas, apocatharies & department stores, Shiffa is considered the Haute Couture of Spa products with serious Skin care credentials. The brand has recently re-launched its complete face care line, creating one of the most powerful yet natural face care collections created for todays modern life style. White tea moisuriser is one of fourth products to be launched after the Healing balm, Aromatic facial cleanser and Skin balancing toner. Shiffa White tea was created especially for oily to combination & sensitive skins. White tea moisturiser: This light, yet creamy formula leaves skin balanced, supple and extra radiant. The white tea extract, combined with exotic ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by promoting cell renewal, as well as firming and balancing the skin, leaving it nourished, hydrated & extra radiant. The recipe contains powerful repairing & nourishing ingredients including: white tea extract to repair and give skin radiance, anti-oxidative green tea to reduce the visibility of fine lines and defend the skin against visible signs of ageing, Jojoba oil to help promote the healing process with its antimicrobial properties, hazel, avocado and rosemary. The recipe: Potent antioxidants are complimented with essential moisturizers to softly hydrate the skin for a wonderfully soft and supple tone. Hazel seed, a highly effective healing herb which cures beauty emergencies! For acne prone people, this cream will be your miracle preventative remedy; as the hazel oil directly penetrates your pores and helps to prevent bacteria. Lemon peel to reduce excess oil which tends to encourage acne and spots. Daily use will help control the excess oil without being harsh or stripping the skin. Rosemary with skin-protective benefits helps minimize the effects of ageing on skin. Geranium to sooth the skin and clear the complexion of those with naturally oily skin. Ylang Ylangs nutritional properties help restore the suppleness and the skin tone. The avocado oil combined with vitamin-rich carrot oil will nourish, rejuvenate & leave the skin radiant. Recommended for men and women with oily to combination skin. Recommended for teenagers with skin problems i.e. acne, spots and oily skins. For more details about Shiffa Dubai Skincare please contact: Karina Salib Marketing & Communications Manager Tel: +971 5 1011193 Email: [email protected] Website: .shiffa.. About the Author: Shiffa products are created for people who care about what they use on their bodies by providing a long term natural solution, and reassurance about wellness, as well as beauty. Shiffa is a luxury product that does not .promise on effectiveness. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: