Sichuan man raped female students fled after the Qinghai robbery rape

Sichuan man raped female students fled after the Qinghai robbery rape 3 people recently, Haidong City Ping District police careful investigation, successfully cracked the provincial public security department to supervise the handling of the Dragon Moumou (Sichuan Dazhou) series of rape, robbery case 4 cases, economic losses of more than 9000 yuan. Since July, the East Sea area Ping Ping town Yang Jia Lu landscape bridge, West Village Square, Ping An new high-speed rail near the square, there were 3 consecutive single woman was from behind the neck, dragged into the sidewalk next to the green belt robbery, rape. The suspects in the 3 cases were attacked by more than 20 year old young women or female students, and the social impact was very bad. August 19th, Ping District Public Security Bureau set up a task force, according to the suspect’s physical characteristics and the characteristics of the crime decision on the 3 cases and case investigation, and deployed Police Brigade, police station, police station Xiao Xia Ping to Ping Town, a small gorge town urban high migrant workers and emancipist launched mopai. In August 20th, the case was listed as the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the City Public Security Bureau supervision cases, and ordered the Ping’an District Public Security Bureau to set up a special team to detect cases as soon as possible. In August 21st, by police investigators to investigation, found in Sichuan city of Dazhou province emancipist Moumou (Department of ZTE Dragon Construction Co., Haidong city passenger transport hub project of reinforcing steel bar, the 2003 robbery was in Da County of Sichuan province people’s court sentenced to 13 years in prison, released from prison in January 2011) is a major crime suspects. According to the survey, in June 5th, long Moumou train arrived in Dazhou to Xining after Qinghai unaccounted for. According to preliminary investigation to get clues, the police task force investigation to carry out an intensive investigation of the airport business park construction site, enterprise employees and the area of temporary staff, after more than 10 consecutive days of unremitting efforts, in August 25th, the task force learned that ZTE Construction Company Limited in Haidong city passenger transport hub project in the name of a certain dragon men, the survey identified the man is the suspect Moumou dragon. In August 29th, investigators were arrested in the East China city passenger transport hub construction site of the Zhongxing Construction Co., ltd.. After interrogation, the suspect Moumou confessed to the illegal facts. According to the investigation, in June 5, 2016, the suspect, Moumou, raped a female middle school student in a middle school in Sichuan city of Dazhou province and fled to Qinghai. At present, the suspect Moumou has been under criminal detention in accordance with the law, the case is being heard. (Zhao Junjie) recommended reading: Mianyang man convicted of rape of ex girlfriend broke up a Yibin woman was raped daughter fellow after jumping into the car and then hold the rape killed evil men drink play bad idea rape Sichuan girls mother advice to choose the alarm   Deyang women’s night was arrested in Chengdu men’s sexual relations with female colleagues brick brother dragged into the woods 36 hours after being accused of rape rape court acquitted 四川男子强奸女中学生后潜逃青海 再抢劫强奸3人   近日,海东市平安区警方缜密侦查,成功破获省公安厅挂牌督办的龙某某(四川达州人)系列强奸、抢劫案件4起,挽回经济损失9000余元。   7月以来,海东市平安区平安镇杨家路景观桥、西营村广场、平安高铁新区广场附近,连续发生3起单身女子被人从身后掐住脖子,拖入人行道旁的绿化带内实施抢劫、强奸案。3起案件的犯罪嫌疑人侵害的对象都是二十多岁的年轻女性或在校女学生,社会影响十分恶劣。   8月19日,平安区公安局成立专案组,根据犯罪嫌疑人的体貌特征和作案特点决定对上述3起案件并案侦查,并抽调刑警大队、平安派出所、小峡派出所民警对平安镇、小峡镇城乡接合部的外来人员和刑释解教人员全面展开摸排。8月20日,此案又被列为省公安厅、海东市公安局督办案件挂牌督办,责令平安区公安局成立专案组尽快侦破案件。   8月21日,经办案民警全力以赴侦查,发现四川省达州市刑释解教人员龙某某(系中兴建设有限公司海东市客运枢纽项目部钢筋工,2003年因抢劫罪被四川省达县人民法院判处有期徒刑13年,2011年1月刑满释放)有重大作案嫌疑。据调查,6月5日,龙某某乘坐达州至西宁的列车抵达青海后下落不明。结合先期侦查获取的线索,专案组侦查民警对临空经济园区各施工工地、企事业单位从业人员和辖区暂住人员开展拉网式排查,经过连续十多天不懈努力,8月25日,专案组获悉在中兴建设有限公司海东市客运枢纽项目部内有一名叫龙某某的男子,经调查确定该男子正是犯罪嫌疑人龙某某。8月29日,侦查人员经化装侦查在中兴建设有限公司海东市客运枢纽建筑工地将龙某某一举抓获。经审讯,犯罪嫌疑人龙某某对违法事实供认不讳。经查,2016年6月5日,犯罪嫌疑人龙某某在四川省达州市一中学公厕内强奸一名女中学生后潜逃到青海。   目前,犯罪嫌疑人龙某某已被依法刑事拘留,案件正在审理当中。(赵俊杰)   推荐阅读:   绵阳男子因分手怀恨在心 强奸前女友女儿   宜宾女子遭老乡性侵 跳车后再被抱进车内强奸身亡   恶男酒后起歹念强奸四川女童 母亲听取建议选择报警    德阳女子深夜被板砖哥拖进树林强奸 36小时后归案   成都男子与女同事发生性关系后被控强奸 法院判无罪相关的主题文章: