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Home-and-Family Celebrating an old fashion Christmas together as a family is the perfect way to create treasured family memories that will last a lifetime. An old fashioned Christmas is a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays. You bring back good memories and create new ones with the current generation. Here are a few ideas to try. 1) Decorating This is the first step for your old fashion Christmas. And the best way to start with the decorations is to set up an old fashion tree. Since you are going for an old fashioned theme, all ornaments must be handcrafted. This brings us to another ingredient of an old fashioned Christmas and that is being with family. Spend a day before Christmas creating decorations. You can add to the occasion by putting on Christmas music. Items to be made can range from paper chains made of candy and gum wrappers to stringed popcorn. You can figure out a number of ornaments to out of paper with glitter or any other creative techniques you can .e up with. While creating think about the meaning behind various objects such as pine stands for eternity, a pinecone means warmth, and a teapot symbolized hospitality. You can make your own symbols with special meaning for your family You can use chocolate, walnuts, apples and candy to hang on your tree. If you work together you will enjoy your time eating these treats as well. Look around you local antique shops and flea markets for glass blown or wax ornaments. Check in your attic for ornaments that have been passed down these will had that special touch to your tree. Use tins from flea markets and antique stores instead of candy dishes. Scatter angel’s hair or tinsel all over your Christmas tree, a nativity scene will bring serenity and warmth beneath the tree. To .plete your tree, add a star on top and there you go you have your Christmas tree decorated the old fashioned way. Don’t for get to add lights and have a lighting ceremony to celebrate the Lighting of the Christmas Tree. 2) Cooking and Baking Second only to trimming the tree, the process of baking and cooking is an important part of your old fashioned Christmas. The holiday isn’t .plete without the aroma of ham, pies, cookies or hot cider. You can involve the whole family in this process. Decorating the sugar cookies is an old favorite. The children will enjoy cutting out shapes, adding sugar sprinkles or candy to the cookies. There is also the slicing of the ham and enjoying a table with all your family together. 3) Christmas Day Family time on Christmas day doesn’t just have to be regulated to the dinner table you can fill it with other activities and fun. Things like exchanging presents, having a present for everyone to open. Add Christmas music in the background to get into the spirit of things, you can find a variety of choices in stores or online. Other thing that could be enjoyed together is sledding or a sleigh ride. You can even set up a scavenger hunt and round up the evening or afternoon with a warm cup of cocoa or hot cider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: