Stone Manhanquanxi debut in Kunming 360 thousand – and – value from winavi video converter

Stone Manhanquanxi debut in Kunming   360 thousand – and – value from true to life "Manhanquanxi" reporter Ma Qian Liu Ranyang photo of lobster, ham, moon cake, water chestnut…… The 13 day, the sixth Kunming international jewelry exhibition curtain. Many tourists around a table of "food" gee. This is a table made of stone carved "Manhanquanxi", true to life. This table "Manhanquanxi" contains more than 60 dishes, including marbled pork, red jujube, cooked shrimp and so on, each dish looks very vivid. This table is "drool with envy feast, attracted many" show people crowd. Members of the public have come up with their own cell phones, cameras, the table stone feast photographed. Ou Xiaozhen from Guangxi took all the seafood on the table, she said, she would like to send photos in the circle of friends, let us guess what this is done. "He the stone carving, were very good, all aspects are very realistic, you can see his sheep, walnut meat, do too realistic." People visiting the exhibition Hou Kun stretched out thumb. This is a "food" is not cheap, a small crab worth 600 yuan, a value of more than 10 Roasted Whole Lamb. This table Manhanquanxi master Xu Chongliang said, if you want to buy a whole table feast, have to spend 360 thousand yuan. This table "Manhanquanxi" by more than 20 kinds of Shoushan stone building, all hand carved by the sculptor. Shoushan stone has a total of more than and 100 varieties, each variety has different color, texture, texture, shape, Xu Chongliang said, according to the different varieties of Shoushan stone, made of different ingredients. "Manhanquanxi" realistic "Shoushan Stone dishes photographed by Liu Ranyang have been doing very traditional things, we are more than a dozen years ago began writing a feast, but also to usually relatively close to the lives of ordinary people." Xu Chongliang said, also want to use Shoushan stone do ingredients, can let people know more about China traditional "four seal stone" of Shoushan stone. This year, Kunming International Jewelry Fair will continue to 17, the exhibition booth of more than 1 thousand, an area of nearly 30000 square meters, gathered at home and abroad well-known jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The exhibition will also introduce the world miss jewelry contest, and the identity of the jewelry ambassador to promote the world’s jewelry brand. (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong, Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: