Sword net 3 seven anniversary of the red slot will be in accordance with the revised ugly game playe 66814

"Sword net 3" seven anniversary of the red is ugly Tucao will depend on the revised game player "sword net 3" seven anniversary of the conference will be held on August 28th at 2:00 officially opened and the whole network broadcast, a small amount of information compared to the previous exposure, producer Guo Weiwei will offer beyond the amount of dry cargo sea chivalrous imagination, all waiting for all on the day of release! "Sword net 3" annual data sheet and the new martial exposure; "sword net 3" heavy plate open trial experience, practical effect has never been exposed to refresh the screen benchmarking; Yang Lin and North American team of engineers to explain the "popular" black Xie sandbox technology; official Mobile Games "sword net 3: Finger Lakes" five sects depth decryption! Start the 3 "IP" Jian pan entertainment strategy, contains many surprises! Recently, a "sword net 3" seven anniversary of the number of warm-up activities have been opened, the official seven anniversary celebration invited a number of heavyweight guests, and launched NPC with unlimited appearance, red hair, NPC Chen Yuetong Memorial and the seven anniversary of a Luo umbrella cloak back to the broad game player in the game. However, the launch of the seven anniversary red but caused some dissatisfaction with the game player. More game player made a spoof of the seven anniversary of the red. Look at the original and game player who works seven Anniversary Edition – blonde, with unique jewelry design and behind the trial, show your beautiful facial skin, hair is one of the most popular current. The following two models, high ponytail slightly British collocation handsome bangs, let you experience the pleasure of my hair in the hands of the world arena! Red hair and gold jewelry of the traditional collocation, join his hair, temperament is unobtrusive. Amount of this….. Is a smile (  elegant bangs and hair ornaments travel wonderful collocation, let loose hair back exposed somewhat seductive poison brother is now a rare sense of style in male hairstyle.   black OK no red hot or abrupt, at least a bit of gentle, just do not know why the ears are black? (huaixiao   domineering handsome! The hair bangs are now rare Masson design! In the two Miss World mother sister sister fried chicken for gun.   ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Buy whatever you want!!! Chop chop chop!!! The last one: all the mood at the moment (happy at o at ~ ~) reflect on the game player’s question, Jian Wang 3 Official producer Guo Weiwei responded in micro-blog, according to the results of a poll for the change game player Red: let’s look at the red hair change scheme is what the original scheme in two: @ Jian Wang 3 producer Guo Weiwei the micro-blog below, game player friends commented: I feel a wave of artists didn’t sleep well last night… However, our Guo Weiwei greatly also did not sleep well last night, two in the morning, Guo Weiwei said micro-blog will release the game player according to the voting results by two to change the red, after the update will loaded in the game. As.相关的主题文章: