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T Taiwan | finished finished next month’s salary to pay for the bag – Sohu "Beijing time on September 23rd at 0 in the morning, Prada 2017 spring and summer series debut at Milan fashion week. COSMO is an important element of the whole show set at the fashion week show Prada watch Milan Fashionweek continuous metal surface, different shapes and dimensions of the grid are interwoven into a unique abstraction layer, reconstructed the whole show space. Background crop top stack to wear in the full of illusion, Prada first brought a group of other short coat layering. Built in and Crop Top on different styles of elements hit together, so that we continue to touch this to keep curiosity. The next group of feather perspective more fantastic charm, transparent chiffon collocation sultry dancing feathers from head to foot seems to tempt your taste. High waisted shorts this season high waisted shorts menacing, avant-garde geometric prints from look to the temptation of feathers decorating style, high waisted shorts will come with a. Cheongsam style Chinese dress style tailoring has also been incorporated into this season’s modelling, the Chinese design neckline and coat with a traditional elegant subtle beauty, to escape the geometric print collocation, really chic. Next is the subversion of tailoring Prada this season of non symmetric and non traditional unique tailoring, basic subversion impression of the reserved fashion tailoring practical profile originally, but the cut is new playing tricks. COSMO in fashion week Prada details of the interpretation of Milan Fashionweek hand bag this season’s hand bag into a large number of marks of the spring and summer of 17 printing, the whole series is very novel in spring and summer. The color of the color belt geometric geometric pattern belt is very eye-catching, and the entire series of interesting style quite fit. Color details hit color patches of decorative details will be more this season over psychological climax, in almost every other body, let the whole show wonderful diffuse factor. Feather feather shoes elegant and provocative elements elements brought a somewhat retro style, with the whole series of interesting psychological collision together, conflict feeling is very wonderful. Is not fun? COCO would like to see more cool and more exciting fashion week, mengchuo action figure, don’t stop! Poke here, see more exciting content T station!相关的主题文章: