The Fifth China charity project competition and Innovation Award for young people announced wh60a

The fifth China charity project contest "and Youth Innovation Award – Beijing, Beijing, September 23 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Zheng Xiaohong) the fifth session of the Chinese charity project contest first set up the title of" Youth Innovation Award and award final assessment will be in the 23 day of the fifth Chee exhibition, 15 youth charity project roadshow won the gold and silver bronze. After the roadshow review, final agency — China Chuangxing social value investment services platform "project won the gold medal," Chi Chi "tireless" project, penguins help limb disabilities into the community public welfare project won the silver award, the "public E booster", "youth public voice", "young college students learning and leader of public service the practice and Research on training" 3 projects "won the bronze medal award activity and people, fishermen and fish" and other 7 projects. It is reported that 15 projects will be funded in the final contest, the organizing committee will also be in the middle of the project and later carried out according to the assessment activities, capacity-building and training for outstanding award-winning project support, do Follow-Up Services the award, "and Youth Innovation Award" since the start of August 18, 2016, were received from all over the country project a total of 176, effective to declare the project 106, the final selection and funded 15 outstanding solutions to social problems. According to the Guangdong people and foundation Secretary General Lv Jinglian, the award is sponsored by the fund and invested 150 thousand yuan to set up in the fifth session of the China charity project contest youth charity events, and the foundation to support the sustainable development of the innovation of the public interest, become promoters and incubator "Youth Welfare concept for the vision, positioning of the the award also matched, supported by the average age of 28 years of age the youth team to perform public projects, as well as incubator for youth welfare projects, hoping to promote improved youth for public interest thinking and put into action, to become the backbone of public order, public welfare concept into the young blood, throughout life. According to the organizing committee responsible person, Shenzhen City Social Welfare Foundation Secretary General Yang Qinhuan, the organizing committee will jointly public venture capital eco link various professional organizations and institutions, the China charity project contest into China best venture philanthropy platform, to build ecological chain for venture philanthropy + race + ability + + resources integration construction normal service, foster more interested in action through social innovation to solve social problems, young people become the most outstanding social entrepreneurs China. (end)相关的主题文章: