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The first Asian Restaurant entrepreneur forum unveiled – Food Channel — October 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Chenxi)   held in Beijing the first Asian Restaurant entrepreneur forum conference the day before. Organizers said the first Asian food entrepreneur forum will be held on November 5th to 6 in Beijing China hotel. The summit sponsors Hu Zhenhua said that China’s enterprises have entered an era of ecological circles, all walks of life in the face of new channels, to seek new technologies to change the original business model and marketing. Today, stakeholders are symbiotic relationships, sometimes competition, sometimes cooperation. The catering industry is such, want to rely on the advantage industry, extend the industrial chain must be in the sharing to deal with the economy pushing the development of more cross-border challenges. Development into the new normal, the need to adapt to match the thinking and methods, the need for ideas, understanding of the path of transformation and upgrading. How to support the mode of thinking, operating system, enterprise culture products, ingenuity and innovation and hot issues of concern to the industry and boost food. The catering business executives gathered in the first Asian Restaurant entrepreneur forum news conference, according to reports, the summit will be "ingenuity sermon" as the theme, with "deep, dry cargo, combat" as the main spirit, with a global perspective, local solutions, and to pay tribute to the heart of the Tao who teaches the attitude and communication, come from China and Asia industry experts, the founder of the brand presents a real dry cargo to the catering event for the industry inside and outside entrepreneurs and consumers to create and. Through keynote speeches, the exchange, case sharing, roundtable forums and other forms of learning, can not only strengthen the catering enterprises brand awareness, recognizing the importance of the brand, but also can make food and beverage companies to understand how to build a strong brand of food, is a large number of accelerated Chinese billion dining brand, to help people realize the dream of Chinese restaurant international dream. Regardless of the size of the forum, the number of participants, the magnitude of the guests and the exchange of value, are not allowed to miss the industry professional event. The first Asian Restaurant entrepreneur forum will break the traditional mode of interaction, to the summit, more exchanges, without reservation, the distance of the new way, the industry’s top entrepreneurs will share the experience, contacts and opportunities for the guests. For catering enterprises FAQ is met and want to break the bottleneck of the development of the development. After in-depth analysis of the impact of the Internet wave, facing the new economic situation, the catering industry is facing a new round of industrial upgrading and market integration, change facing today’s food and beverage industry and how to meet the market demand, this event will be catering catering entrepreneurs bring new inspiration, help Asian restaurant industry more rapid and robust the development of. (NIE Cong laugh, commissioning editor Xu Xinyi)相关的主题文章: