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The India Observatory has made magic madscientists accurate measurement [eleven Edition – National Tourism Sohu of India more than 80% believe karma and reincarnation, in negative fatalism under the influence of scientific career has stalled. However, 300 years ago in India is a crazy love science king Jay Singh, he of the mysteries of the universe and stars running rules very fascinated, also invented many other strange magical atmosphere of astronomical instruments, some of which are still in use. The king lives in the construction of five Observatory, which is located in Jaipur Jane tower known as the world’s largest Manta Observatory stone observatory, and was listed as a world cultural heritage. Every instrument here has a special purpose, such as the observation of the position of the stars, height and azimuth, and the calculation of solar eclipse etc.. In the figure above, a large bowl of instruments has two intersecting wires that can be used to calculate the motion of an object. The results of measurement instrument is still very accurate, the Indians even used it to calculate the weddings and marriage auspicious dates, people have to bowl for a metal ring in the shadow of the day. Jane tower Manta in the India language means for measuring instrument, the Observatory has astronomical instruments more than and 20 peculiar and interesting, both with the naked eye for astronomical observation and design, in order to obtain higher accuracy, instrument is huge. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, as well as the success of the India Mars probe into orbit, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of young people to explore the universe. The back of the two buildings can be projected by the shadow of the local time to calculate the four points, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. It is worth mentioning that, despite the large number of tourists, but can not see the phenomenon of climbing monuments to take pictures, the quality of civilization India tourists commendable. This instrument is called Rashi Yantras, a total of 12, used to measure the zodiac twelve. Their tilt will vary according to the position of the constellation and the zodiac. This is a 27 meters high giant sundial most shocking. It is located in Jaipur also happens to be 27 degrees latitude, with the shadow of moving 4 meters per hour, can calculate the local time and radial time, can measure the declination and height. At the full moon in 6 and July, it is also used to calculate the amount of rain in the rainy season. Built of red sandstone and white marble small sundial uses an innovative design, and our common gnomonic oblique alignment of the North Star, the hands down 27 degrees. The building consists of 12 vertical slabs and 12 slabs of stone, erected to measure the azimuth of the sun and the time of sunrise and sunset. This instrument is called Chakra Yantra, the two metal wheel and axis parallel to the rotation and inclination calculation of celestial bodies. These instruments in the observatory show the amazing wisdom of the ancient Indians and their ability to understand the universe and to explore astronomy. Jaipur as the first planning city in northern India, the integration of the king Jay Singh’s creative Zhuo 6相关的主题文章: