The media college girl murder case hearing today sentenced the murderer to capital punishment the fa brock lesnar

The media college girl murder case hearing today sentenced the murderer to capital punishment the family requested Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Xiaofei) Communication University of China female students Lulu (a pseudonym) was a recent progress. Reporters learned yesterday, because of the suspect involved in the murder of Lee, will be in court this morning in the city court. According to court sources, because the case involves personal privacy, will not be held in public. The reporter learned exclusively, Lulu was the day before the father to Beijing, and filed a criminal incidental civil action for funeral expenses etc.. Lulu father told reporters, insisted that the court sentenced Lee to death. Suspects accused of premeditated murder of 24 year old Lee, nicknamed uncle, Henan, Xinxiang, before the incident for the Communication University of China graduates, no fixed occupation. According to the prosecution allegations, Lee to seek stimulation, after premeditation, on August 9, 2015 14 am, will be only 22 years old Lulu lured to Chaoyang District Guangqulu their rented house, with a pre prepared fruit knife cut, Lulu’s neck, caused by rupture of Lolo left jugular vein caused by hemorrhagic shock death. Prosecutors believe that Lee intentional deprivation of life caused by the death of others, the circumstances are particularly bad, the consequences are particularly serious, great harm to society, should be held criminally responsible for intentional homicide. The girls family sentenced to death in September this year, the reporter learned that the victim’s parents Lulu has filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, in today’s trial, the court will be part of the incidental civil proceedings. Lulu’s parents sued, Lee forced to have sex with the victim after the failed, with a fruit knife prepared the brutal killing of lulu. Lee also prevent the victim from the police, police and emergency personnel to cheat, causing the victim to miss the valuable opportunity to be rescued. Incidental civil indictment, Lee is still trying to kill the victim after sexual assault, the victim will fail cash inside the wallet all away. Lulu’s parents said, even the police interrogation, is still not a tiny bit of regret, therefore requests the court sentenced Lee to death, and compensation for funeral expenses and mental damages. > > case review in August 9, 2015, Communication University of China students were the girls Lulu Li filming grounds lured to the rental, the Lee tried to rape Lulu attempted after the brutal murder. August 11th morning, Lee was arrested by police in the hotel. He claimed to do stupid things, that Lulu was dead, is he on the other side neck drew two knife. Scene photos show that when the ground is full of blood, the scene is very confusing. The case report mentions that Lulu was found lying on the ground, the left hand has obvious scar resistance. After identification, Lulu series of sharp cut, draw the neck, caused by rupture of the left jugular vein caused by hemorrhagic shock and death. It is understood that the injured had to call 110 for help. An alarm call showed that she said to the operator, "I need an emergency. I’m bleeding. I’m B." But the phone was quickly snatched away.相关的主题文章: