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The pension service from breathing Lei Feng to market to step a few hurdle? – long term care for the elderly and those with disabilities is a special group of people. They stick in the family and helpless, commuting from farms, hospitals, home care 3.1, the burden that they exhausted, the rest two days break "has become the common aspiration of many caregivers. In recent years, designed to provide a respite for the long-term care of the respite service, is quietly developed in various forms. However, after all, is a complex issue of pension, respite service can make residents generally accepted is also facing a great test. Community endowment small inn play major role Sue who lives in Dongcheng District, 63 years old this year, although some flower eyes, but the whole body is also good. She has an old mother at the age of 90, because the other children all live far away, over the years old mother and her sister has been on our care. Old mother and sister a living, and our house just across the street. From the beginning of the five years ago, nearly seventy years sister failing health, buy food, cook more and more difficult, not to mention the care of the old mother. To sister home cook two meals for four people and our five years every day at noon and in the evening, at night to take care of the elderly, sleep during the day but also to take a bath, the old mother wash clothes, cut your nails. Our old mother said, good body foundation, on crutches to walk, no chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, brain is confused, life can not take care of themselves, to the ordinary nursing homes are not received, can receive is too expensive. She told reporters: "my biggest hobby is playing cards in the park, singing, and now rarely visited the park. Several times, my son to mobilize me to travel with him, but I think of the old lady this situation, it is inseparable from the people ah." In March this year, our home community by the government and enterprise cooperation, opened a community station. It is converted by the kindergarten, not only for the community to provide food, nursing, entertainment and other day care, there is a small courtyard for the elderly to live in the short term. Inn of the endowment facilities rehabilitation room, Goods are available in all varieties., chess room, audio-visual room, exercise equipment, singing Cara OK, watching movies, all free diathermy therapy. Post shortly after opening, the most popular chess room, there are elderly people playing mahjong in it every day. However, to our most satisfactory pension inn place is hourly door and short-term daycare service. Provide on-site service station type is very large, as long as the call "95002", working hours can not only buy food to cook and clean, can also help the elderly, bathing appliance maintenance and dredging pipelines, the basic price of 30 yuan for one hour. Sue tried several times, the feeling of working hours doing well. "Come on time, and quite deft, do not ask me to leave this and that, like society those domestic companies reliable children." So, our plan to try short-term daycare services. At the beginning of September, she and son of a family of three in 6 days and 5 Nights cruise, this is their brewing for more than a year of travel, is our first tour in five years. She put the old mother to the inn of the 9相关的主题文章: