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Coffee The wine industry of Fredericksburg located in the Texas Hill County is slowly gaining popularity as it attracts many tourists from worldwide who come here to visit in all seasons throughout the year. The wineries of Fredericksburgare a tough competitor to all the wineries situated across California, Napa Valley and other locations in the United States. Fredericksburg is present in the epicenter of the Texas Hill County and has a number of vineyards and about two dozens of wineries in the region. Just an hour drive from the Fredericksburg and Gillespie County, you will find even more wineries and tasting rooms in those areas. The wine produced by the wineries of the Gillespie County are the best in terms of quality as well as taste.The wine here is produced from the mustang grape varieties which are natively grown in the region. Wood rose Winery A quick drive of 10 minutes from the Fredericksburg region will bring you to the small town of Stonewall where the Wood rose Winery is located. This is a new winery which has been functioning since the year 2001 though it has increased its production of wine through these years. It has also extended its area to an additional 3000 square foot for its winery. The Torre di Pietro Another famous winery of the Fredericksburg region is the Torre di Pietro which is just a few miles away through the Highway 290. The Torre di Pietro is a small winery which is in the progress of planting more vineyards to expand their wine business. You can visit the winery to taste their delicious wines and also enjoy the live music that they offer their visitors on every Saturday. Grape Creek Vineyards The Grape Creek Vineyards is another most popular winery that is located just a mile from the Torre di Pietroin the Texas Hill Country. This winery was established in the year 1985 and has been in the popular business since then. An executive of a Fortune 500 company bought the Grape Creek Vineyards some years back and then an expansion was added to the place. The Becker Vineyards A very prominent winery called the Becker Vineyards is situated a couple of miles down the road of the Texas Hill County. They are known for their award winning wine produces and their business keeps getting much bigger and better every year.The Becker Vineyards also hosts a number of events and wine festivals every year to attract tourists and wine lovers from all corners of the world. Their most popular event is the Lavender Festival which is held in the month of May every year. Pedernales Cellars Another new winery which has been in the making is the Pedernales Cellars located in the Fredericksburg County, in Texas. Though they are new in the business they have already gained fame due to their quality of wine produce. The winery has renovated the tasting room recently where travelers to the winery can enjoy samples of their delicious wines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: