The public security organs to check the network infringement of personal information crime more than t6570

The public security organs cracked the network crime of infringement of personal information from more than 1200 new network – in September 25th the newspaper Beijing news reporter Cai Changchun trainee reporter Li Hao reporters today learned from the Ministry of public security, since April this year, the Ministry of public security of the deployment of the national public security organs to carry out combat remediation network infringement of citizens’ personal information crime special action, as of now, the national network security department of public security organs have cracked more than 1200 criminal cases, arrested more than 3300 suspects arrested, including banking, education, telecommunications, securities, courier, electricity providers website and industry personnel more than 270 people, the hacker network of more than 90 people, and seized more than 290 information, clean up illegal and harmful information of more than 42, shutting down the site, column 900 a special action, and achieved remarkable results. In recent years, the telecommunications network fraud crime has become a frequent, serious violations of the vital interests of the people of social harm, the masses of such criminal activities abhor. As one of the upper reaches of the crime of fraud in the telecommunications network, the network has played an important role in the crime of infringing on the personal information of citizens, which provides a more convenient condition for the implementation of fraud. Since the special action, the public security organs attach great importance to quickly dispatched elite police set up Gongzuozhuanban, and carry out combat remediation work, have uncovered a number of major cases. Sichuan Mianyang public security "5? 26" personal information of violations of civil case, 9 suspects were arrested, and seized a large number of bank personal credit report, seized 45 sets of computer crime, handheld Internet terminal 61, 132 bank cards, involving more than 230 yuan of funds. Jiangsu Wuxi public security "Allison took" the infringement of citizens’ personal information case, Qiu Moumou arrested 13 suspects, including hackers, industry insiders, middlemen, seized, Tmall network,, website personal information more than 6000 buyers. Shandong Heze police destroyed a data source and relates to the middleman’s upper crime chain, arrested 29 suspects, including 22 middlemen, and 7 industry insiders, seized by the infringement of citizens’ personal information of more than 200, more than 500 yuan in the capital. Ministry of Public Security Bureau network security relevant responsible person said, the next step, the public security organs will continue to steal, trafficking and illegal use of personal information of citizens of crime crackdown highhanded, to promote the special action to develop in depth, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. At the same time, will focus on the regulation of the relevant channels of infringement of citizens’ personal information, the information service providers to electronic business platform, instant messaging platform, social network platform and has a load of personal information of citizens important information systems departments and industries to strictly implement the safety management responsibilities, increase the intensity of self correction, to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the system and the third party application resolutely, plug the loopholes and ensure the security of personal information of citizens.相关的主题文章: