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Weight-Loss Many obesity patients have successfully gone through the procedure Gastric bypass surgery, however, when there are .plications, they can be fatal. For this reason, many have chosen another type of bariatric surgery that is less invasive in that it does not require cutting or stapling any part of the stomach or the small intestine, which is what is done with gastric bypass surgery. This procedure is called laparoscopic surgery in which they install a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band also known as a Lap-Band. This band is an inflatable silicone apparatus that fits around the stomach causing pressure on the stomach so that only the top portion fills with food. The signal that the stomach would send to the brain, once full, is triggered sooner because less of the stomach is filled, causing the patient to have less of an appetite. Although patients on average do not see quite as much weight loss after three years, as do surviving patients of the gastric bypass surgery, by about year seven or eight, their weight loss is equivalent. Depending on the surgeon, there are several places that the adjustment port can be placed. A procedure for a lapband in Texas may install it by the diaphragm, just under the skin. Saline fluid can be injected into this port using a special needle that will not cause damage to the port itself. Typical lapbands hold up to eight or ten cc of fluid. Over a period of time, adjustments are made to either raise or lower the amount of fluid in the lapband, thus altering the amount of pressure on the stomach, and giving the ultimate results. Eventually the "sweet spot" is found so it is neither too tight that it is too challenging to eat, nor too loose, that overeating is still uncontrolled. This procedure can typically be .pletely reversed if desired. .pared to other, more invasive bariatric surgeries, there is no change in the absorption of nutrients. Leaks in the stomach or small intestine are not .mon either when using the lapband, because no incisions are made in either. One .plication that can occur is the unexpected regurgitation of food called productive burping. Sometimes a larger piece of food gets stuck in the constricted section of stomach where the lapband is, and does not allow other food to pass. Chewing food more thoroughly is re.mended, as well as a return visit to your doctor. There are other .plications that can occur and should be studied thoroughly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: