Too many voices, Jane Zhang’s own attitude as early as the response-yo te amo

All sound too much, Jane Zhang’s own attitude early in response to know Miss eight, I am the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information! After ah’s wedding in October last year, it’s been a long time since there was a wedding before the wedding. In 8, Jane Zhang announced in November after the marriage hearing yesterday, her mother’s open letter, the wedding will be completely turned into a public event of the Jane Zhang. Jane Zhang’s mother not only openly opposed the daughter and Feng Ke together, is also prepared to Feng Ke on the grounds she unknowingly change the ownership, to court and future son-in-law. In addition, Jane Zhang also said in an interview with the mother, account of this in their own hands, that is, Jane Zhang’s wedding, the marriage is not protected by law, an entertainment version of "Laoniangjiu" this staged. But this drama in last night and involved fourth people, Jane Zhang’s fans, there is now a friend yoyo is intimate friends eight and probably Feng Ke. In response, Jane Zhang responded by saying that all this is just a misunderstanding. But the fans have identified the marriage she and Feng Ke, Jane Zhang occupied the absolute weak position, countless fans in micro-blog comments asked her to "wake up", as if after Michelle Ye, Jane Zhang has also been falling head general. Although the starting point of the fan is good, but they certainly and the mother of Jane Zhang as their idol Jane Zhang pushed to a difficult state. Look now, could be a happy bride Jane Zhang, now in the eyes of friends, turned into a boyfriend to calculate their mom and does not support themselves, bestie betrays his own "female star, in this case, she chose to stand on the side of Feng Ke is not understand. In fact, behind so many voices, if we only grasp the voice of Jane Zhang, you will find that she basically only do two things. The first one, to resolve the dispute. This is basically the main purpose of Jane Zhang’s two vocal response, in response to yesterday afternoon. She raised questions about the equity of the mother, property and other issues have been explained, nothing more than to say, Feng Ke and his no problem. As for the morning of the statement is even more obvious, in response to yoyo as the third topic. In the last response, Jane Zhang’s attitude is still relatively calm, but in the morning for the third party’s response, she used the two exclamation points, it seems to indicate their attitude. The second thing Jane Zhang tries to explain in her response is her musical dream. Yes, it looks like the wind horse and two things, almost throughout the Jane Zhang micro-blog response and press conference has always been the response. In response, micro-blog, Jane Zhang first clarified the rumors before, and then changed the subject, she began to mention the direction you want, she should reflect their own values. In yesterday’s press conference, she did not actually respond to the question of what marriage, but it is mentioned that they want to issue the English album, referred to his eleven years on the stage through the road. Compared to the dispute between the mother and Feng Ke in the equity point, in response to the performance of Jane Zhang, but poetry and distance. It’s no wonder why the press conference相关的主题文章: