Volkswagen – Honda crown Road, led by the October heavy new car review – Sohu Automotive jinshen

Hui ang Honda crown mass road led October heavy car reviews – Sohu Sohu [car new car] just past October there are a lot of heavy car market, the domestic passenger car market heat continues unabated. In October the new car also listed from low to high cover the various levels, various models. The traditional sedan, a large flagship sedan – Volkswagen New Hui ang, two car strategy under the Dongfeng Honda, Beijing modern competitive Rui pleasing, imperial millions of money… SUV by the Guangzhou Honda crown and GAC trumpchi GS8 the two blockbuster products. Their characteristics, the price you may have forgotten, but it does not matter, follow our perspective, to review the October listing of heavy new car. Summary: in the October listing of the heavy car, many Hui ang, crown this foreign brand new blockbuster; there are GS8 million, Geely Dorsett such leading brands of Chinese; even modified brand like Albin Aa also accelerated the pace of entering the domestic. After a while, the annual Guangzhou auto show will be officially kicked off, there will be more heavy new car debut, please pay attention to the attention of Sohu car in Guangzhou auto show to bring you.相关的主题文章: