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[WB]24 on the auspicious square SMG football the same odds: the Gunners difficult to Abstract: the company wins odds odds combination is not inexhaustible, a specific interval, the odds of the same structure will be repeated, the different structure of the combined odds play their what effect, historical performance throughout the same odds, can often find some breakthrough. Arsenal (data) vs Chelsea (data) game time: 09, 18, 21:15, Arsenal is currently ranked fourth in the Premiership, the new season opened 3 wins, 1 draws, 1 losses, into the 12 ball lost 7 balls, defensive general offensive outstanding. Nearly 10 games, 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, only in the first round of the new season, 3-4 lost to Liverpool (data), the current league has won 3 consecutive victories. Chelsea is currently ranked fifth in the Premier League, and the new season is also 3 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses. Scored 10 goals to lose 6 balls, the performance of law-abiding. At the start of the team after 3 consecutive decline, with Swansea, Liverpool lost. The odds are 2.33 3.55 3.05, with the history of lost and found probability is 41%, a probability of 27%, win probability is 32%, the odds that occupy a certain advantage. The longitudinal comparison, both sides played nearly 10 times for Arsenal 1 wins 2 flat 7 negative in absolute Lee, on the season double play from Chelsea. From the trend, although the two sides record success, but Arsenal in the unfavorable situation in the first round to reverse the decline, has won 3 consecutive victories, while Chelsea has slipped downward trend. In the lineup, Arsenal may be missing, and the loss is a little bigger. A record of nearly 10, Arsenal 5 wins 1 flat 4 negative home court, general Chelsea; nearly 10 team 4 wins 3 flat 3 negative marks. Arsenal’s recent state is outstanding, the odds are sought after, but the general trend of the plate. Taken together, the game is the first choice for both sides to shake hands and win Chelsea twice.

[WB吉祥坊]24日竞彩足球相同赔率:枪手难连胜摘要:赔率公司的赔率组合并非无穷无尽的,特定区间内,相同的赔率结构会重复出现,这些不同结构的赔率组合各自发挥着什么效果,纵观相同赔率的历史表现,往往可以找到一些突破口。阿森纳(数据 )vs切尔西(数据)比赛时间:09月18日 21:15阿森纳目前英超排名第4,新赛季开局3胜1平1负,进12球丢7球,防守一般进攻出众。近10战7胜2平1负,仅在新赛季首轮中3-4不敌利物浦(数据) ,目前联赛已经取得3连胜。切尔西目前英超排名第5,新赛季同样是3胜1平1负开局。进10球失6球,表现中规中矩。球队在开赛3连胜后状态下滑,战平斯旺西,不敌利物浦。本场赔率是2.33 3.55 3.05,历史同赔当中,主胜概率为41%,平局概率为27%,客胜概率为32%,赔率显示主队占据一定优势。纵向对比,双方近10次交手阿森纳1胜2平7负处于绝对下风,上赛季惨遭切尔西双杀。从走势看,双方虽然战绩相当,但阿森纳在开局不利的情况下扭转颓势取得了3连胜,而切尔西则隐有下滑趋势。阵容方面阿森纳吉鲁可能缺阵,损失稍大。主客场战绩,阿森纳近10个主场5胜1平4负,表现一般;切尔西近10个客场4胜3平3负中规中矩。阿森纳近期状态突出,赔率方面受到一定追捧,不过盘路走势一般。综合考虑,本场比赛首选双方握手言和,次选切尔西取胜。相关的主题文章: