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Arts-and-Entertainment Wedding favors that are unique will certainly be kept for a long time and every time the receiver looks at it, memories of your wonderful wedding will .e into their mind. It is also a sign of thank you gesture from the couple to those who came to their wedding. Giving out wedding favors is a tradition that was started by the aristocrats back in the medieval age. Small trinket box filled with sugar cubes will be given out to aristocratic guests as a sign of appreciation. This is purely because sugar symbolizes wealth due to it being an expensive .modity back in those days. This tradition has continued today and is not limited to those in the high end of the social status. The gift symbolizes the couple’s appreciation to the guests that came to celebrate the wonderful event with them. It could be in any form and this depends on what the couple likes. There are different types of wedding favors: – Decorative wedding favors are just about the easiest one you can think of any buying them requires no hassle either. These wedding favors include paperweights, pots, scented soaps, miniature glass bottles and wedding unity candles. They are meant to be displayed on mantelpiece or desk. – Practical wedding favors can be decorative but they also are usable. Items that fall into this category are photo frames, pen holders, candles and scented foam bath sets. However, being wedding favors, they are usually very pretty therefore, the serve more as decorative items rather than functioning as what they should be. – Humorous wedding favors are given out with a tongue-in-cheek approach. These are favors that are meant to be funny more than meaningful. The main objective of giving out humorous wedding favors is for the guests to have fun with and not to treasure. Some choices are party-poppers, whistles, bells, garter belts and even lottery tickets. – Be it chocolates, cakes or cookies; edible wedding favors are very popular type of wedding favors. Guests will appreciate the high-quality gourmet foodstuff. Today, even beverages such as coffee and tea would also be.e wedding favors. – Environmentally-friendly wedding favors bring about the message about going green and saving the environment. A packet of plant seeds, which can be sown and grown into proper plants is the most popular environmentally-friendly favors and would be extremely appropriate if both bride and groom are known to love gardening. – Seasonal wedding favors suit the seasonal wedding. These are wedding gifts that are not just appropriately seasonally-colored they are also designed to specially suit the season the wedding is in. A maple-leaf place card holder, for instance will only fit the fall wedding while favors designed after daisies and buttercups are best reserved for weddings in spring. Wedding favors do not have to be expensive items. In fact, some of the most memorable and well-used wedding favors could very well be that budget-friendly coaster set, plastic beach ball or pair of rubber flip flops. The last thing you should want your wedding favor to end up being is discarded the moment they reach home or even worse, in some corner of their store room gathering dust. Always make it a point to evaluate the type of people you invite to your wedding. Are they the crowd that would appreciate decorative ornaments or will they cherish something that they can use such as paperweight or photo frames? By doing this, you will be able to roughly determine where your favors will end up. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy wedding favors: – What will this gift be used for? – Will my guests enjoy their gift? – Does this reflect us or our personalities? – Will my closest friends expect something like this from us? If you can answer positively to these without needing more justification, chances are you have chosen the right wedding favor for your wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: