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What about Gianna Jun’s new mermaid? I know her with the money to sell crazy [Abstract] we highly anticipated drama "blue ocean" was finally launched! Give us not only a romantic love fantasy, make you more amazing is the goddess Gianna Jun Mermaid shape. This Swan with you and look at those mermaids captured the hearts of all beings…… Hello, I’m a goose for eight Niang and good friend, sister goose. Today and everyone else to send a question: why is Gianna Jun so nice! Yes, this is an exclamation! Gianna Jun sister’s new Mermaid shape, lily-white skin, qingshuichufurong, beauty no justice. For this, she and Lee Min Ho drama "legend" Blue Ocean modelling, we highly anticipated full sister drama was finally launched! An Easter egg, Lee Min Ho Obama lean back. In the first episode of a variety of small interactive our legs Obama Lee Min Ho and national goddess Gianna Jun has let people eat melon sue to cry…… The mermaid sister kick modern genius Lee Min Ho Obama ~ liar also very conscience broke the Korean eighth set kiss in golden laws and precious rules, second sets of water would come to a beautiful kiss ~ ~ this is the year to kill soar drama "Star" writers write you again, attention has as can be imagined. Let go of the story itself does not say, by virtue of the starring value has enough to support the topic heat. Once played a high cold and funny than the goddess of thousands of Iraqi song Gianna Jun, this time to create an image can not be subverted – mermaid. The first episode no lines, with eyes and limbs had felled a large number of people. Remember once the star you in the goddess of thousands of Iraq’s high-end atmosphere and a little bit of the two Queen’s image, you can walk with the wind. Perhaps because it is the same screenwriter, in the "blue ocean" in the two of the character not only extended to the female Shen Shen body, style can also see a number of thousands of Iraqi song ode. In the water free wandering Mermaid, wearing a glittering deep V dress, casual tail, are little rippling out the shining gold spot. After landing, secretly broke into Lee Min Ho’s seaside resort House, stole the Obama favorite sweater. The sleeve to kill, the Oversize man ~ ~ Sweet long paragraph sweater, full sister wear is under the missing style, naughty and sexy. Lee Min Ho said in the show, it’s my favorite sweater. Wearing boyfriend clothes is really the ultimate sweet temptation big move, all right to kill the sleeves what ~ then go to the mall shopping, buy a new shiny dress is definitely the high-end atmosphere on the grade, the price. Pink sequined dress + green satin shoes, so fried eye only has 360 collocation no dead beauty Gianna Jun can easily hold live, andstylish. Dolce& Gabbana +Manolo Blahnik pink sequined dress satin shoes can also wear more regardless of the goddess, regardless of the image can be…… You want to run wild…… There is no suspense full sister with the "Mermaid lip" and "Mermaid long hair" has been popular on both sides of the Changjiang River. Goddess mouth rose pink, silky smooth and glossy with Bobbi powder, ~相关的主题文章: