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UnCategorized A head turban is a large cloth that is used to cover the cranium which has a wide variety of uses. The cloth can be in a multitude of colors and has several lengths, though a longer length that allows the turban to drape down the back is the most .mon. People from all walks of life and in many different parts of the world use these popular head covers. One of the most .mon uses is as a religious garment. Many men in Muslim cultures use a modified version of the turban as a homage to Mohammed, who was believed to have worn one. Some followers of the Sikh religion, especially the Khalsa Sikhs, wear one as a part of their religious expression. In fact, in some sects, it is mandatory to wear. For these sects, it helps to protect their hair, which they are forbidden to cut. In Greece, a small faction of Greek men wear one as a nod to tradition. In ancient Crete, an island of Greece, wear one with small dangling knots on it that are said to signify tears. The tears are a reminder of the Ottoman invasion hundreds of years ago that caused much death and destruction. In India, some Muslim and Sikh men wear a turban that is called a pagri in their native tongue. It is worn as a sign of respect by these men, who will even go so far as to offer a guest visiting their house a pagri if they don’t bring one on their own. In Western culture, turbans have long been used by women to cover and protect their hair from damage. When chemotherapy, which causes patients to lose their hair, became a cancer treatment, the turban took on a whole new life. Now, women would use them to cover up their bald heads to prevent people from staring at their baldness and to help them assimilate to not having hair anymore. They are also good for keeping the head warm, since it helps to regulate the temperature of the entire body. Many cultures use this particular head cover as a sign of personal and religious expression, though that does not have to always be the case. Some Western cultures use it for fashion or medical reasons that have nothing to do with religion. No matter what the use is, they are a .fortable and colorful way to cover and protect your head. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: