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.working .work marketing gurus are where they are because they are good at what they do. They have learned the ropes of .work marketing and they have paid their dues. Many have used their position of influence to help others achieve success as well. These .work marketing guru quotes make up a list of marketing wisdom that paves a road to success. 5. Ferny Ceballos SEO .worker If you only do what I tell you to do, you will NOT be successful. Of course you want to heed the advice of those who have been there and succeeded, but dont stop there. You have to think outside of the box; think for yourself. In order to create your own success you have to stretch your own wings, not ride solely on the wings of others. 4. Tom Big Al Schreiter The Secret Language of Prospects (and many others) To succeed in MLM you cant be a junkie or a jumpie. Many people make the rookie mistake of either jumping from opportunity (jumpie) to opportunity or they jump in to a bunch of opportunities at once (junkie). Jumpies dont give the system a chance before they are off on the next new adventure. They never see the success they could have had they stuck with it. Junkies overburden and overwhelm themselves so that no opportunity is allowed to prosper simply because the individual cannot devote enough time to it or the person simply abandons them all because they are overwhelmed. 3. Jim Rohn Building your .work Marketing Business Dont wish things were simpler; wish you were better. If things were simpler everyone would be doing it. If you were better you could reach the challenges that others cannot. This is a powerful call to action by a man who has been around the block more than a few times. It is a call to get smarter, more determined, more motivated and success will follow. 2. Mark Weiser Surefire Sponsoring (and others) I see a sea of .workers all doing and saying the same things. They look alike, act alike and sound alike when speaking to prospects. If you want to rise above the average, mediocre .worker… then you have to think differently. If you have been around .work marketing for any amount of time, you likely have seen a lot of .work marketing clones. They all think the same, act the same and sound the same and their success is typically the same. If you want to be above average, break away from the clone mentality and think new, think fresh, be different. 1. Mike Dillard Mag.ic Sponsoring The fastest way to get rich in life is to solve other peoples problems. This simple statement, spoken by one of the geniuses of .work marketing is the crux of the industry. Find out what problems people are experiencing then find a way to solve it. That is the first brick in the golden path to .work marketing success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: